Newark NJ

August 16, 2009

Certain people will tell you that Newark is not as bad as it used to be.  And their right, its been a whole 13 years since TIME magazine named it the most dangerous city in the country.  That being said it is still a dangerous place as I found out first hand last week.  In order to get to my apartment from the parkway I normally drive through newark.  I have been doing this for almost a year now and I have never had any problems.  I would even say that I was used to doing it.  At first I would always make sure my doors were locked and my windows were closed when I went through Newark.  I still more often than not lock my doors when im in Newark but I almost never close the windows anymore.  I may start closing my windows again after one trip through Newark last week where a guy came up to my window while I was at a traffic light and told me that my oil pan was draging on the ground and that I was blowing black smoke out of my tail pipe and that I better pull over and turn off the car before I seize my engine.  I was skeptical of his claim to say the least.  I said thanks and the light turned green and I continued down the road and pulled into a gas station a couple of blocks away.  I got out of my car and took a look underneath it and sure enough there was nothing at all wrong with it.  I dont know what would have happened if I had pulled over I could have been mugged  or car jacked or worse but I do know one thing and that is  that I will be driving with the windows closed when im in Newark.



July 31, 2009

So as some of you know I am going to LBI on Saturday for a week.  This has made me do some reflecting on all the crazy times that I have had down there at my friend andrews beach house before his family sold it.  Just to kind of set the scene for you we spent most of our time down there during the summers between high school and college and between freshman and sophomore year so you can imagine the things that would go on with 10 plus people most of the time and no adults around.  Needless to say they were some pretty crazy times.  However thinking back on all the times though made me realize that all the parties kind of blend together in my mind and its really the little things that you remember.  Sure there are some specific moments you remember from the parties like the time i threw up all over the screen door leading out onto the deck (it probably still smells up there those things are impossible to clean)  or when Harry started yelling about how he hated yellow people.  More often than not though when I think about LBI I think about how Tony got electrocuted multiple times in the shower or how one time on the way down a certain medschool student tried to evade a police officer by trying to turn down a few side streets only to get a ticket any way.  Those are just some of the little things that I remember from my time down there.  There are however a few more memorable stories from our adventures in LBI that I will probably remember for many years to come. One constant in all our trips to LBI was eating at Chicken or the Egg which has absolutely amazing wings.  They can also be quite spicy if that’s how you like your wings.  I saw one person order the hottest wings they had and manage to eat one bite before he admitted defeat.  It was at Chicken or the Egg where one of the memorable events took place.  One night around 3am me Andrew and a few other people decided that we needed some wings so we drove down to Chicken or the Egg which is open 24 hours.  When we got there it was very crowded with mostly drunk college kids since it was after 2 which is when the bars close.  To this point nothing out of the ordinary is going on.  Right at about the time that we got our food there was a small commotion in the back of the restaurant but it was only for a couple of seconds and we couldn’t see anything all we could hear was some raised voices.  Not even two minutes later all of a sudden the back of the restaurant explodes into commotion.  It was like nothing I have ever seen before there were plated being thrown and tables being flipped over.  By now we could see that there were a few guys fighting right in the middle of the restaurant including some of the waiters who were trying to break it up.  This is about the time that Andrew who is sitting on the inside part of the booth against the wall decides that he wants to go fight one of the guys and we have to hold him so that he doesn’t get his ass kicked by guys way bigger him.  And its a good thing that we did because not even a minute later the cops bust in and start spraying mace and handcuffing any one who is involved in the fight even the waiters.  One of the guys that started the fight was so jacked that when the cops were walking him out of the restaurant they had to use two pairs of hand cuffs because he couldn’t get his hands close enough together to just use one pair his eyes were also almost swollen shut from the mace.  We thought about skipping out on the bill durring all the confussion but we hadnt finnished eating and then we couldnt have gone back the rest of the trip so we didnt.  All in all it made for quite the interesting night.  I think that the most memorable time from all our trips was one day we were driving down the main road that runs all the way down the island it was probably some time around two or three in the afternoon I cant remember where we were going but I know that andrew and adam were in the car with me.  We were just driving along and came to a stop and all of a sudden there is this guy nocking on adams window so he puts his window down and the guys leans in a little and says, “did one of you just yell flash that ass at my girlfriend?”  At this point we are trying not to laugh in his face and some one in the car says that they thought it was the car behind us.  Once he leaves and goes to the car behind us we all start laughing hysterically at this point the light turns green and we start to drive away.  This is when andrew leans his hole upper body out the window and yells, “flash that ass” as loud as he could.  Now this may not sound that funny but if you know andrew or if you were there you know just how funny this was.  Hopefully when I get back next Saturday I will have some new stories to tell.


Michael Vick

July 24, 2009

Well it looks like Michael Vick is on the verge of being reinstated by the NFL.  And as much as I hate to admit it I think that Roger Goodell is making the right decision by making it possible for him to continue his career.  After serving 18 months in prison on felony dog fighting charges he has in the eyes of the law paid his debt to society and should be able to continue his life.  After all Leonard Little is still in the league after killing a woman in a drunk driving accident and has had a subsequent DWI arrest.  Now with that being said just because it appears that Roger Goodell is going to reinstate Michael Vick that does not mean that he will ever play in the NFL again.  One he is reinstated he still needs to find a team that will be willing to sign him.  That may prove to be a difficult task.  What ever team signs him will have to be willing to put up with the media circus that will undoubtedly follow him everywhere that he goes.  The owner of the team will also have to be willing to accept all the negative press and protests from groups like PETA that will come with signing Michael Vick.  And that does not even take into account his performance on the field.  Vick has not played in an NFL game since 2006 and who knows how long it will take him to get back into game shape after two years in prison.  There is also the question of Vick’s ability as a quarterback no one can doubt his ability to run the ball however his passing ability has always been questionable at best.  His career high in passing percentage is 56.4% that would have given him the 29th best completion percentage in the league right between Marc Bulger and Dan Orlovsky.  Ultimately I think he will find a team to sign him but who ever does better be sure that they know what they are getting themselves into.


World War Z

July 21, 2009


     So I finished reading World War Z yesterday and I have to say I really enjoyed the way the book was written.  The book is written as a series of interviews that take place 10 years after the zombie war which lasted about 10 years itself.  What makes it so interesting is that the author interviews so many different people from so many different countries with such diverse backrounds that you really get a good look at how all aspects of life were affected.  I think that this is what allowed the book to be as effective as it was.  By taking a global approach to the book it didnt get bogged down with 300 plus pages of the same story over and over.  Every person that the author interviewed had a unique perspective and story to tell.

    One question that reading this book really brought to my mind was how come most zombie movies suck?  Now it might be that I have not seen very many zombie movies or rather that I have not seen the right zombie movies but from what I have seen they are just not that good.  After reading World War Z I think that the reason is because they focus to much on the horror aspect of the movie.  Now that’s not to say that zombie movies shouldn’t be scary they should be, but that shouldn’t be the focus of the movies.  I didn’t look at World War Z as a horror book to me it was more of a book about people struggling to survive and reclaim their world the zombies were just a tool the author used to tell their story’s.  When I watch zombie movies I feel like the writer just wants to have a story with zombies and a lot of violence and then they just throw the people in so that the zombies have something to kill.  But like I said maybe I just haven’t seen the right movies if that’s the case please point me in the right direction.


What to say?

July 17, 2009

Not really sure what im gona be using this space to write about but I guess that is kind of the point of a blog.  They give you the freedom to write about whatever comes to mind.  That being said I will probably write a little bit about whatever book I happen to be reading in addition to my random thoughts on things.  Im currently reading World War Z (which is not about Zalko going to war with the rest of the world) it is an oral history of the zombie wars.  When im finished I will post my thoughts on the book and how I will survive the upcoming zombie apocalypse.